Rick Ross & Maybach Music Group – Maybach On 24s

01.600 Benz (Wale feat. Rick Ross Jadakiss)
02.Pacman (Pill feat. Rick Ross)
03.Tupac Back (Rick Ross feat. Meek Mill)
04.Yazimi (Torch)
05.Rollin (Maino feat. Waka Flocka, Gunplay)
06.Na Wut (Young Breed feat. Rick Ross)
07.Reala State (Torch feat. Rick Ross)
08.Let Down The Top (Duce Pound feat. Rick Ross)
09.9 Piece (Rick Ross feat. Lil Wayne)
10.John (Lil Wayne feat. Rick Ross)
11.Make It Rain Remix (Rick Ross feat. Wale)
12.Made Men (Rick Ross feat. Drake)
13.Pandemonium (Rick Ross feat. Wale, Meek Mill)
14.The Transporter (Rick Ross)
15.Lincoln Way Nights (Stalley feat. Rick Ross)
16.Play Your Part (Rick Ross feat. Da, Meek Mill, Wale)
17.Like Her (Magazeen feat. Rick Ross, Bobby V)
18.Perfectionist (Rick Ross feat. Meek Mill)
19.Little Soldier (Masspike Miles)
20.100Hunnit (Wale feat. Meek Mill)
21.I’m A Boss (Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross)
22.300 Soldiers (Rick Ross)
23.Moment 4 Life (Meek Mill)
24.Motivation – All Of The Lights (Pill)

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Fullmetal F-Dot ‘Check It Out! With Fullmetal F Dot’

Firm believer in his own talent. A dreamer with a myopic focus. An artist Filled with stories to share. Fullmetal F dot (Federally known as: Casey Douglas Colello) was born and raised in AlieF, TX just outside the Houston city limits. At the young age oF 13 his love of hip-hop Fueled his desire to become an artist of the medium. What initially started as an aFter-school hobby eventually developed into his Favorite pastime. Feelings of social ostracism due to contrasting interests with the majority of his peers lasted throughout high school and Fanned the artistic Flames. With his writing improving over the years, the Firm belief in his own talent solidified.

Fullmetal F dot continued honing his skills on the mic right aFter graduating From AlieF Taylor High School. During this time, Few southern rappers truly inspired his lyricism, but this did not get in the way of his AlieF pride. The time came when he decided he was Fit For the world’s stage. His dreams were stuck on repeat with one Focus: living oFF one’s passion. “Why wouldn’t someone want to make a living oFF their passion?” Fullmetal legitimately questions.

Now with over a decade of writing, recording, several online Features, and two mixtapes under his hip-hop belt, he boldly brings a dissimilar sound to the southern scene. His unique style reFlects his youth, multi-ethnic background, and city. Fullmetal- Filled with lyrical rhymes to relate- invites everyone to Follow along to witness, and hopeFully get pleasure From, his (F)earless (D)isplay (O)f (T)alent. In addition to a solo hip hop career, Fullmetal F dot also leads and contributes his vocals to the alternative band Bandtastic 4, consisting of Cale Borne (Lead Guitar), Andre Cunningham (Drums), Chase Owens (Bass Guitar). The four of them also perform together for all of Fullmetal F dot’s live performances.

Fullmetal F dot “Check It Out! With Fullmetal F dot”

01. Check It
02. Okay
03. Say Yeah with Hi Stakez
04. Handz Up
05. Open Up The Door!
06. No Good For Me with Sean D Blanco
07. Disconnected
08. ReciproCITY! with Bluu Suede
09. Mr. Futuristic
10. No Love with Twank Star & Chucky
11. Opposite
12. Life On An Easel with Jack Freema
13. Pen Is Mightier
14. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked with Cage The Elephant
15. Fools Gold
16. Out!

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MP3’s for DJ’s
Fullmetal F dot “Okay” (Dirty/Street): http://limelinx.com/files/4d4f748892b2a161420f429f97c17419
Fullmetal F dot “Okay” (Clean/Radio): http://limelinx.com/files/8ac7aee911b4ef816a4ee798e437dafc
Fullmetal F dot “Open Up The Door!” http://limelinx.com/files/86d85934d520967140a9b91ccf31b481
Fullmetal F dot Feat. Bluu Suede “ReciproCITY!” http://limelinx.com/files/a926fa62f047036b838d1aa51e8e7c4c

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FullMetal F Dot ‘Opposite’ Music Video

Lil B – Bitch Mob: Respect Da Bitch Vol. 1

01 – Ready For War
02 – Still Cooking
03 – Azz Up
04 – Dopeman Hunter
05 – Please Respect The Bitch
06 – Pay 4 Pussy
07 – Shake Ya Booty
08 – 5150
09 – Mask Up
10 – Rock 4Sho
11 – Salute To The Bitch
12 – I Need The Based
13 – Out The Game
14 – Were U From Throw It Up
15 – Hancho
16 – My Life
17 – Time To Die
18 – Still Thuggin
19 – Put Down The Guns
20 – Show You Who The Bitch
21 – Bill Bellamy
22 – Back Of Yo Neck
23 – Need My Love
24 – I Just Wanna Cry

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