DJ Ames & Fem Fel – International Hustle Uk Edition Volume 6

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DJ Ames & Fem Fel – International Hustle Uk Edition Volume 6

01. Intro
02. Fem Fel Feat Blade Brown – Put It In A Bag (Pro By Dan Dare)
03. Mash Moeef – What Goes Up (Pro By Stylah)
04. K-Koke, Exo , Squingy – Over Now (Pro By Emil Proffit)
05. Blade Brown Feat Skepta & Youngs Teflon – In Your Dreams
06. Fem Fel – Hustle Hard Freestyle
07. AC – Allow That (Pro By Dead Man Walking)
08. Skrillz – Ralph Lauren (Pro By Scott Styles)
09. Diva Twins (Queen Icecream & Mafiella) – Duffle Bag
10. Interlude
11. B-Hype Feat Oddz & Mai Khalil – Heels & Handbags (Pro By Rootz Beatz)
12. NyJa N Tzer – Rated (Pro By Merlin)
13. Beatty – It’s My Time
14. Lewy Santos Feat 2Deep – My Lifestyle
15. Micah – Doin Me (Pro By Lewi White)
16. Freeze and Rastickz – Here For A While (Pro By 76 Beats)
17. Weike – Wonderwall (Pro By Mills Production)
18. Doom Man Feat Seyi Shay – Celebrate Life Part 2 (Pro By Yello Man)
19. DeadBully Feat Messiahbolical – Keep My Name Out (Pro By Carmel Labs)
20. Shimmer – Untitled
21. Royalist Feat 209 – Pioneers
22. Great Scott (Jaws, Young Criss & Kid Keith) – I Need Some Money (Pro By Young Criss)
23. Outro
24. Fem Fel – Christian Dior Freestyle




Quest-Rah Exclusive Interview

Quest-Rah is a rapper from London making some serious moooooves!!! His latest offering “Ancient Tapes Vol.2: The Lost Art” is on rotation at the Da Real Biz HQ so we had to get this interview…

Quest Rah Interview

Thanks for passing by Please introduce yourself and tell us about what you have released to date.
Quest-Rah, Hip Hop MC and producer and spoken word artist, wass good???

Where do you live and what is it there? What’s the main Hip-Hop radio show in your city?
I live in London. I don’t listen to much radio so I couldn’t tell you man. I seen that BBC Fire in the Booth is kinda big.

When did you start making music and more importantly why did you decide to make music?
I started recording in 2004 but used to make music and tapes a few years before that. I started making music for several reasons, one of them was I had an ear for dope beats, and because I had to channel a lot of my thoughts and energies during the post-9/11 climate around the world man…

When did you release your first song and what was the response like?
I released all my first music online. It was around 2004/2005 and for an unknown artist, I think the response was real good…

How you would you describe your musical style and swagger?
I’d say the music has a lot of flavor man. A lot of thought goes in to the beats and rhymes.

Let’s talk about your latest project. Where can we get it, who features and what label is it on?
My latest project is Ancient Tapes Vol.2:The Lost Art and I’m grateful with the outcome. I’m putting this one out mainly as free download because I want people to really hear it, and there is also a limited edition CD version available. You can find it at it features; The Planets who recently did a project produced by Roc Marciano, Pheonix Da Icefire of Triple Darkness, Digital Martyrs and Ikwon from the States and more. The project is released under Tawheed is Unity which is more of a movement than a label.

How long did it take to create and finish?
I decided to do the follow up to Vol.1 end of last year. Before that I was building on my creativity, deep in thought and the experiences of life. I went through a lot of mental and physical training to come up with this project right here!!  

If you was in the streets and you came up to me with your latest release to try and sell it to me, what would you say? What major points would be in your sales pitch?!!
I’d let you hear the ish and see for yourself. You can describe a delicious food to someone all day long, but until they taste it for themselves they may not be as interested.

What would you consider to be your biggest track to date?
It seems from popularity that it would be ‘1001 Nightz’ and ‘The Groves.’ I’m liking the outcome of the tracks I first put out for this new project too, they are; ‘Legend of a Fighter’, ‘Opium Warz’ and ‘Move On, Elevate.’ All praise is due to the Most High regardless.

Being totally honest, do you still buy music? If so where do you get your CD’s from?
Yeah but not as much as I used to. I used to collect CD’s like Mum and Pop’s would collect vinyl but I don’t anymore. I have bought music recently though. I try support my UK hip-hop fam when they wanna sell me there CD, other than that I just bought some Gnawa music from my recent trip to Essaouira in Morocco.

Do you like any other styles of music outside your genre?
Other styles of music influence me most definitely, there’s no doubt about it. It really has to speak to me though. There is a lot of music that hurts the soul man, or is just plain soulless itself.

So how can promoters book you for shows and what does your live show entail?
They can contact I recently did a few shows where I got a percussionist to assist the backing tracks and it sounds real dope. I can rock the raw hip-hop crowd or the world music crowd, I aint got an issue with that man.

Do you think illegal downloads are killing the music industry or does it help artists to get out there? 
I couldn’t care less about the music industry. They couldn’t care less about real artistry. The music industry is an oppressive machine and I don’t mess with it man. If you got love for good music and appreciate thought provoking messages and want to support that artist then you should support them in any way you can. 

Good luck for the future. Anything you want to add before you go?
Big up Da Real Biz, thanks for opening your door to me, it’s appreciated. People reading this should check out Ancient Tapes Vol.2, I’m confident good Hip-Hop fans wouldn’t be disappointed.

Connect with Quest Rah…
‘The Lowdown’ – New Sound Era

Interview by Josh Powell

Quest Rah ‘Ancient Tapes Volume 2 – The Lost Art’

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Quest Rah ‘Ancient Tapes Volume 2 – The Lost Art’ FREE MP3 & Vid

“A Lost Art” the alias for Quest-Rah’s final chapter to the “Ancient Tapes” series is making a bold statement. Hip Hop has lost a lot of the fine elements which defined it in its golden era, raw beats, intoxicating melodies and fine lyricism, and Quest is on a mission to not just “bring back” these vital aspects of quality music but to take you forward with them. Quest-Rah’s sound is born out of struggle, celebration and life lessons. He blends the raw elements of Hip Hop MC’ing and production and adds an oriental twist making the final product unique from the norm.

Leading Hip-Hop review website probably put it the best when they said: “Quest-Rah has a thing for piano samples, cinematic beats, Islam, and twisting tales of street drama into byzantine mythologies. Quest-Rah also proves to be a unique emcee, (his) production style is East Coast meets Middle East, with snapping snares over Arabic instrumentation. It’s a nice combination of familiar and exotic, adding a twist to the usual hip hop sound…”

Ancient Tapes Vol.2: The Lost Art is his latest offering and features UK hip hop veterans The Planets and Phoenix Da Icefire of Triple Darkness amongst others and US MC’s Ikwon (Miami) & Digital Martyrs (Bay Area) and heavy production from Ancient Arts, Ayman Raze (The Planets), J Zak, Quest himself and others. The first single “Legend of a Fighter” is a soulful summer track, an ode to the artists’ various inspirations, including a tribute to the recent uprisings across the world. The next single “Move On, Elevate” is a cinematic journey through grimy city life with Quest declaring its time to ‘Move on and elevate past the madness’. “Opium Warz” with Phoenix Da Icefire & Phonetikz will surely cater to fans of dark Wu-esque music.

Quest has performed around the UK at such venues as London’s Excel centre and Trafalgar Square and festivals up and down the country, always injecting energy and passion into his shows. In late 2009 Quest hooked up with popular video directors Global Faction to film videos for ‘Element of Truth’ and ‘The Quest’ and plans to release a video for his new project in the coming months.

Although he maintains a relatively low profile, the work he has put out has been hard hitting and influential. Fans of quality hip-hop and music in general will surely appreciate this latest offering. The project is available for FREE download, alternatively Quest would appreciate your extra support by purchasing the LIMITED EDITION digipak CD copy from:

Quest Rah ‘Ancient Tapes Volume 2 – The Lost Art’

01. Intro – A Lost Art – music by Kieran Tonra
02. Heat – produced by Insomniak, cuts by DJ Illout
03. Chasin’ Shadows (feat. The Planets) – produced by Quest-Rah
04. Femme Fatale – produced by Ayman Raze/The Planets
05. Stay Official (feat. Digital Martyrs & Ikwon) – produced by Quest-Rah, cuts by DJ Illout
06. Legend of a Fighter – produced by Quest-Rah
07. The Window (feat. Phonetikz) – produced by Silent Trigger, cuts by DJ Illout
08. Interlude – Concrete Desert – produced by Shanakee
09. Move On, Elevate – produced by Ancient Arts
10. Opium Warz (feat. Phoenix Da Icefire & Phonetikz) – produced by Ancient Arts, cuts by DJ Illout
11. Craftsman – produced by J Zak
12. 5th Element – produced by Quest-Rah
13. El Ijaza (Vacation) (feat. AbdelKader Saadoun) – produced by Omar Rayan (RIP), Abdelkader Saadoun & Quest-Rah
14. The Weak & The Strong (feat. OnTheD) – produced by Ancient Arts
15. Calm Before The Storm (RMX) – produced by Ancient Arts
16. Outro – Remembrance

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Connect with Quest Rah…

Check Quest-Rah spittin’ some street bars in an episode of ‘The Lowdown’ for popular Hip-Hop channel ‘New Sound Era’:

Starch Music Records presents the superb new ILL MOVE SPORADIC & JOEY MENZA album ‘ALPHA CODA’.

Ill Move Sporadic (I.M.S) & Joey Menza ‘Alpha Coda’

01 – Alpha Intro
02 – Mercury
03 – Barcoded
04 – End To End Burners
05 – Wire Taps
06 – Dream Time
07 – Wild Things
08 – Style Gonzo
09 – Bar Crushers Feat. Tenchoo
10 – Battle Axes
11 – Anger Management Feat. Ulysses 31
12 – Superstar
13 – Dump Feat C Sparks & Gus Pony (Bonus Track)
14 – Coda Outro

Do you like good quality UK Hip-Hop with bags of organic goodness and delivered with tight lyrical bars and outstandingly top notch production? Then ‘Alpha Coda’ is one album that you seriously need to check out! This album includes the head-snapping track ‘Battle Axes’ which has already featured on UK Runnings ‘UK Rap Chronicles’ release for iTunes, as well as ‘Anger Management’ being used on the DC Shoes Big Push DVD (Nov Issue of Sidewalk Magazine). Also included on this long-player is the killer cut ‘Bar Crushers’ which features Don’t Flop/Battle Scars Winner -Techno.

With Ill Move Sporadic’s reputation as producers firmly in place, following last years release ‘The Magnetic Mixtape’ and Joey Menza carving out his reputation as one of the scenes brightest, most original MCs, Starch Music Records are now set to unleash I.M.S’s strongest piece of work yet to date. A fourteen track, hard hitting, no holds barred reaction to life in London, conforming to nothing and no one. Matching together Joey Menza’s incredible mind altering lyrics with I.M.S’s raw, unique and twisted analogue beats.

‘Alpha Coda’ was recorded over the course of 2010 at I.M.S Friendly Studios in Deptford. Through a considered process of crafting beats and an unbroken creative correspondence with then localised MC Menza, rough demos soon turned into locked bars and finished tracks. This constant trade off of inspiration, ideas and experience between MC Menza and producers Neil Cage & Ben81 has resulted in a jostling at times, haunting and always severingly thoughtful master work.

Joey had this to say about his contribution

‘I really wanted to match the style of I.M.S, with the stripped down, raw sound and texture of their beats, so I redesigned my flowing style to a degree, brought it back to the root, but kept the delivery hard too. In terms of the subject matter, there is a broad range of topics. Paranoia, hallucinations, drugs, conspiracy, the future, the present, history, myth, dystopian visions, politics, realism, hip hop culture, battle rap and a ton of other things too. I didn’t want to make a record where I just did a whole bunch of rhymes bragging about how great I am or whatever. I was walking a fine line between abstract and direct style. I didn’t want it to be too biased and obvious most of the time, cos ramming my opinions down peoples throats don’t appeal to me. I want people to think for themselves, and come to their own conclusions, understand?’

This album is a timeless piece that doesn’t compromise itself in any way; it is pure, independent hip-hop that is also a relevant commentary on-and reflection of-the world we live in today.

Check out these website links…

Purchase the CD available now for only £4.99 from Suspect Packages…

Download the MP3 version for FREE now from Bandcamp…

For more information please contact:
Tel: Ben 07506369794

For interviews & review copies please contact:
BB Pin: 23509baa