Mic Righteous ‘Yob Culture’ (Hot UK Hip-Hop)

01. Don’t Leave Me (Prod By Red Skull)
02. Wild Boyz (Prod By Red Skull)
03. Rivals (Prod By Red Skull)
04. I Sigh And Say (Prod By Chris Ferry)
05. At The Gates ft Stefan White
06. Tied To The Tracks ft Slim (Prod By Red Skull)
07. One Time ft Lucia (Prod By Red Skull)
08. Honour And Pride (Prod By Red Skull)
09. You Live On ft Lucia & Logic (Prod By Chris Ferry, Red Skull, & Apellix)
10. Demons (Prod By Red Skull)
11. Runnin’ ft Sny-D (Prod By Chris Ferry)
12. Don’t It Make You Wonder (Prod By Red Skull)
13. Breverin ft Lucia (Prod By Chris Ferry)
14. What’s The Use (Prod By Chris Ferry)
15. My Shine ft Slim (Prod By Chas Apetti)
16. No More (Prod By Chris Ferry)
17. Take Me Away ft Preston Play (Prod by Preston Play)
18. Outro (Prod by Red Skull)
19. Semtex Dub (Bonus Track)
20. Charlie Sloth Dub (Bonus Track)

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Questlove DJ Set @ East Village – 19th August

Questlove DJ Set @ East Village – 19th August

Few names in music carry quite as much kudos of that of our headline DJ ?uestlove. He has worked with such a phenomenal array of talent while always leaving his own distinctive mark on each one. The list reads like a who’s who of modern Hip-Hop & Soul; Jay-Z, Al Green, Erykah Badu, J-Dilla, Common, Joss Stones & De La Soul to name just a handful. All this before we mention The Roots for whom this is an official after party for the live show at Hammersmith Apollo.

As a drummer he is a funky metronome that has brought to life so many tracks originally created through samples, drum machines and computers. Just check out his leadership of the ever morphing group of musicians that calls itself the “Illadelphonics” on Jay-Z’s unplugged album (Roc-A-Fella) and Madison Square performance in “Fade To Black” (Paramount) or at “Dave Chapelle’s Block Party” (Rogue Pictures) for an example of this. As a producer, both on his own and as part of the Soulquarians alongside J-Dilla, Q-Tip & Ali Shaheed Muhammad, his musical knowledge and understanding has seen him bring the classic Al Green sound bang up to date on “Lay It Down” (Blue Note) as well as bring the very best out of performers like D’Angelo & A Tribe Called Quest.

He’ll be making the most of all of these phenomenal attributes as he blesses The Doctor’s Orders crowd to what, if last year’s show was anything to go by, is sure to be a real treat for all Soul and Hip-Hop fans alike. With only 350 tickets available this is sure to be another packed house so grab your ticket now and get there early to get your spot on the dance-floor.

The Doctor’s Orders in association with Dephect present
The Official Roots after show party
Exclusive DJ Set

10pm-4am Saturday 19th August 2011
Venue: East Village, 89 Great Eastern St, EC2A 3HX
Info : www.thedoctorsorders.com

ONLY 350 tickets available
£10 each

?uestlove (3 Hour Set)
Spin Doctor (The Doctor’s Orders)
Eric Lau (Ubiquity)
& DJ Excalibah



Every Saturday: SubSoul @ The Social, London
Jazzie B, Spin Doctor & Chris P Cuts are joined by special guests spinning whatever they like.

Wednesday 3rd August: Blitz The Ambassador & The Stepkids live @ Cargo, London
Free to all interested press so drop us a line!

Saturday 13th August: The Nextmen Boat Party @ Temple Pier, London

Friday 19th August: ?uestlove (The Roots) @ East Village
Exclusive 3 hour set for this official Roots after show party.

Friday 10th September: On The Real Relaunch party @ East Village
Look out for more details coming soon!

Thursday 20th October: Random Axe Live @ Scala
Sean Price, Black Milk & Guilty Simpson are Random Axe the hottest group in Hip-Hop.



Birthm4rk Interview

Thanks for passing by www.darealbiz.com. Please introduce yourself and tell us about what you have released to date.
Hi, im Birthm4rk, a west midlands based artist, i write songs and rap, i can also hold a good note lol yeah ive been doing music for over 10 years started of in drum and bass then garage, then i found myself properly when i started writing to hip hop, i put out 2 mixtapes when i was like 15 – 18 then another when i was 20, now im 26 i put out another called MY LIFE MY CRIMES MY CRYS just before my 2 birthday, songs on the mixtape can be up to a year old but since im doing alot myself it takes longer to get things done.

Where do you live and what is it there? What’s the main Hip-Hop radio show in your city?
I live in wolverhampton, and main hip hop shows what come to mind are done by Dj springa on irie fm.

When did you start making music and more importantly why did you decide to make music?
I started making music at 16/17, the reason i started was bascially i found it easier to speak through my music and be honest.

When did you release your first song and what was the response like?
lol my 1st song wow good question i think the response was 50/50 because it showed me and my friends could do it but the problem was we were rapping amercian since thats what we grew up listening to so it was imprinted in our minds without us even knowing it took me a while to break out of it like a good few years thats why between 20-26 i was trying to get rid of the USA tounge.

How you would you describe your musical style and swagger?
i would describe my musical style as unique, i sound like nobody and rap like nobody if you listen to the game now alot of the rappers sound the same with the same flows etc all saying the same thing, as for swagger i keep it rahbarn lol HK blakez mode. lol

Let’s talk about your latest project. Where can we get it, who features and what label is it on?
you can get my lastest project from datpiff/downloadamixtape/sendspace/Hoodtapes.co.uk plus more but those are the main sites where you can just type Birthm4rk in and it will come up. Alot of my features come from the west midlands alot of underground rappers.

How long did it take to create and finish?
About a year and a half, due to alot of different problems it took too long and i kinda go sick of it so i just got it finished and now ive moved on to working on another and a EP plus other material which i will just put out there, i get bored quick and im never happy so i always gotta make new music.

If was in the streets and you came up to me with your latest release to try and sell it to me, what would you say? What major points would be in your sales pitch?!!
I would be like, its fresh’ real’ raw’ entertaining’ and im brining it back to how mixtapes used to be with it being mixed thats why its called a mixtape so you can put it on in your car or yard and bump the shit like your in a club……..

What would you consider to be your biggest track to date?
Ive had a few but i would say When the sun goes down check it out on youtube Birthm4rk, when the sun goes down, no-one who is unsigned or undergound is and has made a song like it if i was signed or someone who was signed did it i really do think it would of went number 1 or at least in the top ten and another was a hood banger called country monks with talent from the west midz featuring i think i had about 10 people on the track and they both have videos check them out.

Being totally honest, do you still buy music? If so where do you get your CD’s from?
Yeah i buy music i see it as you cant expect to be in the game and make money if your not willing to support the game’ its like buying a car or getting in your friends car how you gonna get about if you got no money for petty!

Do you like any other styles of music outside your genre?
i dont even listen to the music i make like to much hip hop, i listen to rock, bashment and dance music only now and again i will listen to hip hop and thats only because everyone is famous and gangsters theses days saying the same shit.

So how can promoters book you for shows and what does your live show entail?
I will be totally honest ive been performing since i was like 13 and as a artist i would say thats where im best at is performing, people can book me just by calling my number 07702334073 or adding my bb 230753FD get @ me direct.

Do you think illegal downloads are killing the music industry or does it help artists to get out there? 
Both’ but more on the side its killing it because its our or some peoples living and without getting paid for there talent aka job things start messing up.

Good luck for the future. Anything you want to add before you go?
Thanks and Bless for the interview, you can follow me on twitter just sreach Birthm4rk and add me on fb Birthmark hk also add and sub to my youtube BIRTHM4RK1 and watch out for more videos and more musi, plus check out the clothing line MONEYMADE CLOTHING on the facebook.

Interview by Josh Powell

A competition that EVERYBODY who enters can WIN

That’s right, can you believe it? We have put together a competition that has various levels of entry so if you are a video producer you can enter, if you are a graphic designer you can enter and if you are a marketer you can enter and all of you can win because we are not limiting the amount of winners or the prize. Wow! I hear you cry but there must be some sort of catch…? …Nope!

So, how does it work? Firstly you will need to register your interest; all we need is your name, contact details (including address and email), from there we will email you a url that is unique to you and now you are ready to start winning! Email me on ushop@sturbanclothing.com

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