Conscious Colloboration Front (CFF) Mixtape ‘Volume One’ (Review) @ConsciousRoute @TrueHoldRecords @ParkStreetPR

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A few of you will know of Conscious Route, the emcee that released the superb ‘Real World’ album last year. Well know he’s back with another release on True Hold Records in conjunction with You Sonix Records and the legendary Sons of Scotland. Conscious Route founded the CCF movement (Conscious Collaboration Front) and holds Conscious Collective events in Edinburgh and is one of the many talented people pushing the Scottish Rap sound. The ‘CCF Mixtape Volume 1’ is something that features a string of artists, all of them repping real hard.

Music is much better when it’s done with a vibe, and that’s what you can hear on this project. It’s a label compilation that actually works like an album with a whole host of featured guests including Dillahman from B-iLLA, Midland’s rapper and KGB recording artist Big Dutty Deeze, as well as Blasfima Sinna, Werd, Novelistt and others, with the projects best beats coming from Strut, Seal El and DJ Pryzmat. One of the best mixtapes we’ve heard for a long time, great tracks, original production and a real Hip-Hop vibe!

Conscious Collaboration Front (CFF) Mixtape ‘Volume One’ Track Listing:

01. Conscious Route Feat. Sean El – Crows & Doves (Produced by Seal El)
02. Onetzu, Blasfima Sinna & Conscious Route – Name Dropping (Produced by Sokol)
03. Conscious Route, Onetzu & Blasfima Sinna – New Chronic (Produced by DJ Pryzmat)
04. Blasfima Sinna – Middle East (Produced by Tragic Pro)
05. Novelistt, Blasfima Sinna & Conscious Route – Woke Up On The Wrong Side (Produced by J- Short)
06. Dillahman, Big Dutty Deeze & Conscious Route – Wastelands (Produced by Sean El)
07. Jordan Butler – Wi Yi For Life (Produced by Jim Beats)
08. Bone Def, Megan Tait, Ruth Riley & Conscious Route – Struck (Produced by Strut)
09. Conscious Route, Blasfima Sinna & Jee4ce – Concrete Amazon (Produced by Mikey Blues)
10. Suus, Onezu & Conscious Route – Preach (Produced by Akira & Sean El)
11. Conscious Route & Hansi Mcee – Some Don’t Find (Produced by DJ Sonny)
12. Kayce One, Nity Gritz, Conscious Route & Blasfima Sinna – Hoe Jazz (Produced by Strut)
13. Werd, MBP & Conscious Route – Reflect (Produced by Scant Squad)
14. Conscious Route & Megan Tait – High Tip (Produced by Strut)
15. Conscious Route, Dillahman & Blasfima Sinna – About to Blow (Produced by Seal El)
16. Blasfima Sinna, St & Conscious Route – Tronic (Produced by Fader)
17. Conscious Route & Blasfima Sinna – Kill That Spliff (Produced by Konnsky)

Download link:

Conscious Route Facebook Page

Conscious Route Facebook Group


True Hold Records

You Sonix Records links

Words: Josh Powell


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