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Midlands based rapper Big Dutty Deeze follows up his superb ‘The Underdog’ release with this brand new album produced by Tricksta who opts for a ‘sample free’ approach to this collection of productions. It’s a right mixture of emotions with so many different styles. For the hardcore Hip-Hop fans we have anthems such as ‘Imagine’ and ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ which really stood out to me with epic string sections and a real angelic feel. The more modern vibes are dealt with too the dubstep-esque ‘Go Nuts’ and ‘Get Up & Fight’ both rolling out nice at 140bpm. Tenny Ten features, as does Tony D and Non Applicable, but on the real the killer tracks seem to be the solo ones. I really like ‘Almost Famous’, it’s well rounded, adventurous and above all really relevant and excellently entertaining.

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Review by Josh Powell

Nomad Carlos – You’re Most Welcome @nomadcarlos


Kingston, Jamaica’s Nomad Carlos releases his new EP, ‘You’re Most Welcome’. The project – fully produced by New York-based producer, Sosa – is intended by the artist as a gift of appreciation to his core fans. “This was a result of a visit to New York,” says Nomad Carlos. “Me and Sosa were working on a project together and we did a lot of tracks. This EP came out of the process.” ‘You’re Most Welcome’ features 5 tracks, one in which Sosa and K.John make guest appearances with their own verses. Although slated for its August 19th release, the EP was made available on CD exclusively at Pay Attention, Kingston’s premier Hip Hop event, at which Nomad Carlos premiered the project in performance on stage. Nomad Carlos is one of Kingston’s trailblazers in Hip Hop and has previously released two mixtapes, ‘Live from Yard’ and ‘Me Against the Grain’, in 2012.

Changing the way we associate Jamaican music with Reggae and Dancehall is quite the feat, but Miami born, Kingston bred Hip Hop artist Nomad Carlos has climbed his way into the spotlight with his impeccable lyrical flows and grassroots efforts, propelling not only his own music, but the entire Hip Hop genre into the homes of the Caribbean people, and soon the world. The young rapper adds, “I think I have the ability to give a new outlook within the content of Hip Hop music, as I have lived a different life in Jamaica.”

Raised in Kingston from the age of 5, Nomad has officially declared Jamaica his true home, and it is the official birthplace of his rising Hip Hop career. Nomad learned from an early age to divert any negative surrounding him into a positive art form. He started writing lyrics as his way to escape certain influences and make a difference through music, reflecting on personal life experiences while growing up in Kingston to what he experiences around him on a day to day basis.

From early on, Nomad and his original crew would release Hip Hop mixtapes around Jamaica in an effort to be heard. They performed shows all over Kingston and distributed their own mixtapes in the streets which eventually established Nomad as one of Jamaica’s up and coming Hip Hop pioneers. Nomad Carlos went on to release an independent album on his own titled “Fuel To The Fire”. He eventually went on to release mixtapes “Live From Yard” and the most recent “Me Against The Grain” which had gain him a foot in the door of few hip hop blogs and local Jamaican media. Nomad Carlos also recently put out a free EP titled “You’re Most Welcome” which was released as an appreciation to his core fans.

Despite the brewing popularity and street buzz that Nomad and his crew were gaining, the young talent quickly learned that although there was no real market for Hip Hop in Jamaica, the music shall speak for itself. With Reggae and Dancehall dominating the Jamaican music industry, the genre pursued by locals is surely on its way to garnering stardom status.

Nomad Carlos recently released his latest EP titled “You’re Most Welcome”.

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Conscious Route #Interview @ConsciousRoute @TrueHoldRecords @ParkStreetPR

dareal conscious route six

Thanks for passing by Please introduce yourself and tell us about what you have released to date.

Yes, my name’s Conscious Route, repping CCF, True Hold Records, Sons of Scotland and Hip-Hop to the fullest. I’ve released, in the early years, two Fugazirum EPs, a single and 2 LPs. Since being Conscious Route I’ve released 3 EPs, 1 mixtape and 2 LPs, plus a single – you can check the names of projects and styles of music at:

Where do you live and what is it there? What’s the main Hip-Hop radio show in your city?

I live in Edinburgh City, its dope and the music scene is healthy with a wealth of talent. There are a lot of hip-hop nights and a lot touring artists dropping through either Edinburgh or Glasgow. The radio station for hip-hop, Steg G’s Temple of Hip Hop plays a lot local artists and American hip-hop also. It’s a dope show. Steg G, who also runs Powercut records, is a legend and a gentlemen – we need more good men like him in the scene, he’s been in the game 20 years helping the local movement.

When did you start making music and more importantly why did you decide to make music?

I started making music when I was about eighteen after meeting producer Huss, not long after, we formed Fugazirum, my first group, that’s when I became Mossman Skank, later abbreviated to Mossman, and then finally becoming Conscious Route. I started to make music because I was fucked up on drugs and depressed, and it gave me an escape from my reality. I also really enjoyed it. It was D&B MC’ing that got me into it originally, and then I progressed to hip-hop. I always liked the music – back in them days I listened to Hip Hop and D&B, but nothing else…

When did you release your first song and what was the response like?

The first track, I think, went out in 1998 or 99, it was an EP on Blue Vinyl featuring Kope, myself, and Fillaman, produced by Huss. It got a mixed reception. The review from Hip Hop Connection didn’t like two of the tracks, but loved one and rated it as banger. Overall, I think our sound was quite different to most on the scene, so a lot just shunned it because we didn’t sound the same as them. I got to learn later that a hell of a lot people was feeling that…

Let’s talk about your latest project. Where can we get it, who features and what label is it on?

The latest to drop is the ‘Sinking LP.’ It was released in June by Truehold Records. The release is a collab’ between me and producer Sean El. We met a while back and wrote a few tracks and decided to wind that material up with some freshness which we wrote at the beginning of this year, and release it as an LP. It’s not a concept LP, just a nice selection of tracks, but it works well and people have been feeling it. Most of all, I think I am happy with it overall; it’s a good listen which I think is what music is all about. It features a lot people who are upcoming – such as Big Dutty Deeze and Dillah B-Illa. Also, I got a lot fine Scottish artists like Werd, Blasfima Sinna, Jordon Butler, and Sean El on the raps. The list goes on, but you can get the LP here:

How long did it take to create and finish?

The project took a year, but to be fair, we didn’t start out to write an LP, it just turned into one.

If was in the streets and you came up to me with your latest release to try and sell it to me, what would you say? What major points would be in your sales pitch?!!

Hey man, do you want to hear a heavy underground release with a mix of UK artists? This is new age with a twist of old and fresh-as grimey steez. Not that regular stand-up, brag-man, gun bullshit – this is grimey conscious rhyming, the bars have come from the soul, man. No word of a lie, this shit is worth getting. My sales pitch is realness, you seem like a real person, well I got some real music for your ears, not for them fake motherfucking types, man, so hold this shit down! LOL!

Being totally honest, do you still buy music? If so, where do you get your CDs from?

I do, but rarely, man. If I do, it’s Amazon or at gigs supporting local artists or emerging touring acts…

Do you like any other styles of music outside your genre?

Yeah, pretty much everything that I feel has honesty, soul, and something I can connect to. My favourites are Blues, Funk, Folk and Jazz, although I do love D&B, some Indie… all sorts really.

So how can promoters book you for shows and what does your live show entail? – Simple, or hit me through Facebook

Good luck for the future. Anything you want to add before you go?

Big up for getting me involved, shouts to hip-hop, and all the people making it happen!!!

Interview by Karl Hargrave

Sinking Video

Satellite Video

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