Simplicity – The Midnight Hits (Midnight Music) #Album @PunchFunkLove90 @BoundByMusicCEO

‘Quality music for real heads’
‘Good rhymes with solid production’
‘Impossible to listen to just once’

For those of you who don’t know, let us introduce you to Simplicity and Midnight Music, an artist and a record label consistently releasing quality Hip-Hop music. Originally hailing from the East Coast of America but now residing in the UK, this rapper, producer and label CEO really does have the skills to take things to the next level.

With over nine albums released digitally, there is no shortage of catalogue to get your teeth stuck into. We’re hitting you off with his latest release; a sixteen track album entitled ‘The Midnight Hits’. Produced by Simplicity and featuring guests such as Kasady, Mista-E, CrusherVII, Chappa The Micologist and King Ras, this is an insight into the musicality of both artist and label. Midnight Music is a powerhouse ready to explode, so if you like dope beats and original Hip-Hop music then hit the links below NOW!

Simplicity – The Midnight Hits (Track-list):
01 – (SHould Have) PACKeD UP Feat. Kasady
02 – Our Time Feat. Mista-E
03 – UH OH Spaghettio Feat. CrusherVII
04 – We Aint Holding Back Feat. Chappa The Micologist
05 – This is For…
06 – Summer Nights
07 – Legends Feat. King Ras
08 – Beat Program
09 – Embrace Everything
10 – Political Roots
11 – Stringing Out
12 – Hard Kung Fu Transformer Business
13 – My Simplicity
14 – I Am (Danny Dex Send Off)
15 – Shadows
16 – Fragile (Tech Nine Instrumental Remake)


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Abstract Soundz Presents ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ @AbstractSoundz @ParkStreetPR

“Work Hard Play Hard” is the new album entirely produced by independent hip hop artist Abstract Soundz, featuring Iron Braydz (Triple Darkness), Flying Monk (Split Prophets), Skunkadelic (Afro Cluster), Kali Mist (Crudely Cut Records) and many more! The first single from the album “Dust”, featuring Lady Sanity, made the BBC 1Xtra playlist and was dropped by the likes of Mistajam and Trevor Nelson.

“Excellent stuff” – Chemo (Kilamanjaro Music)
“Abstract Soundz is well worth checking out, it might not be a name that you’ve heard of, but it definitely should be” – Vice (Wordplay Magazine)

Download for free via:

The sound of this project has been influenced by the pioneers of that early 90s boom bap vibe, such as Pete Rock, Q Tip, Lord Finesse, Dj Premier and J Dilla – as well as household UK names such as Harry Love and Lewis Parker. The production on this record is heavily laced with Jazz, Funk and Soul samples pinned down by dusty breaks. All tracks were mastered by the experienced ears of Chemo.

Abstract Soundz Ft. The Real Dill ‘Hard Working’

A Brief History
Abstract Soundz has been producing sample based hip hop for about 10 years. At 18 he moved to London and began to network within the Capitals vibrant hip hop scene. In 2010 he released his first album “Abstract Soundz Presents….” collaborating with artists across the UK. This release was followed by production for Skunkadelic’s debut album “Musically Drifting” which came out later that year. Since then Abstract had been trying to hone in his skills and master the art of crafting funky and jazzy, laid back, smooth hip hop instrumentals with and old school 90s boom bap vibe.

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Soloman Gehazi – Street Gospel Vol. 2 @SolomanGehazi @Remnantmuzic @UKRunnings @ParkStreetPR

‘This is a creatively solid mixtape’
‘A mixtape that you need to cop right now!’
‘There are some real gems on this mixtape’

Soloman Gehazi – Truthful Perspectives #Video

Soloman Gehazi Feat. Tommy Oliver – Creation #Video

Soloman Gehazi – Street Gospel Vol. 2 (Track-list):
01. Intro Feat. Tricksta
02. Shut It Down
03. Christ life Feat. D7 & The Praying Mantis
04. Wolves 2 London Feat. D7 & DJ Amo
05. Grown Man Biznizz Feat. D7 (Prod by Viggers)
06. Creation Feat. Tommy Oliver
07. Promise Land Feat. Deonne (Prod by Nangfood)
08. Lyrical Mastery
09. Jugganauts Feat. T33k1d, The Praying Mantis, Jae Sosa, Wiggz, Big Ribzy & D7
10. Let My People Know Feat. Young Weddaz
11. Water To Lemonade
12. Take You Away
13. Praise Feat. Alex Campbell & Radical
14. Ten Commandments
15. Truthful Perspectives (Revised)
16. Mr. Militant Atheist
17. The Carnage
18. To The Scene Part 1
19. To The Scene Part 2
20. Real Hip Hop Music Feat. D7
21. Dusty Winter (Prod by Termite)
22. My Life Feat. Alex Campbell & Wiggz
23. When You Go Feat. Corban (Prod by MastaPlanet)
24. Lord Keep Me Feat. Tommy Oliver & Radical
25. Outro Feat. Tricksta

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Wrigz – Project X #Mixtape #Videos @wrigzc4ent @parkstreetpr


New mixtape release from Wrigz available for FREE from

“I decided I was done with allowing the industry to construct my goals and potentially define who I am. I wanted to get back in touch with every aspect of what I want and who I actually am, whilst respecting the need to express through my art. I thought back to the beginning; what were my aims? what were my aspirations? where did my values lie? when did the understanding of respect, love, pride and dignity become over shadowed with concepts of money, views, fame, attention and status?

I decided it was time to X out the bullshit! It’s like possessing an identity given to me by a slave master, with that said I was able to revert back to the essence and find my true identity within music and at that point I realised…this is rebel music ~ It’s time to Rebel!” PROJECT X

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