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D7 returns with another release that is well worth checking out if you like uplifting Hip-Hop music. The London-based rapper continues his old-school feel in the vein of hip-hop legends like Nas, Masta Ace, Talib Kweli, Common, Mos Def and Guru. This release really does reflect the music that he grew up with in the 80’s and 90’s, making it instantly adorable for real rap fans.

As with all D7 projects, he doesn’t feature big banging 808 electronic style beats indicative of today’s hip-hop, instead opting for a style that is more soulful, jazzy, funky and organic. Though the beats won’t necessarily rattle the glass windows in your car or maybe a commercial urban music nightclub, but the music will instead be something to get lifted with.

I found this album styled mixtape very enjoyable and definitely his biggest project to date. He brings to the table songs that make him interesting as an artist. His messages are strong and he is an artist with something a little different to share especially as a strong follower of Christ. Here is a producer and a rapper who continues to get overlooked by the masses. Most people would feel anger, or resentment, that all of their hard work has gone unnoticed by so many, but not D7 his quest is simple.

Tracie Devonshire

D7 – Dimension 7 (Track-list):

01. Dimension 7 01:45
02. Stay Focused FT. Soloman Gehazi & Tommy Oliver 03:11
03. Catacombs FT. Washington 02:41
04. Real talk 02:45
05. The Balance 02:49
06. I see the way FT. Washington 03:29
07. State of mind FT. Soloman Gehazi 02:58
08. Dig deeper 02:58
09. My Peoples 02:54
10. Fall back FT. Washington 02:58
11. This is how F.T Soloman Gehazi 02:50
12. I know FT. Soloman Gehazi 02:52

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Topp – The Samples Vol. 1 | Beat Tape

“The Samples Vol.1” is the first installment of producer Topp’s new instrumental mixtape series. “The Samples” is comprised of 10 instrumentals plus a previously released beat as a bonus track. All of the instrumentals are produced by Topp and are sampled beats ranging from The Temptations to Barry White to Adele.

Topp is a Michigan Hip-Hop producer. He won producer of the year in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 2006. In 2012 he dropped his debut album, “View From The Top” which featured Royce Da 5’9″, Joe Budden, Trick-Trick & more rapping over his beats. Later that year he and Detroit MC Valid teamed up to make the “US-12 Experience”. The single “All In All” from the “US-12 Experience” saw airplay on Detroit’s 97.9 WJLB. Topp’s new instrumental album “The Samples Vol. 1” is out now and free to download.


Josh Powell

Wilstar ‘Suicide Door’ (Prod. by Naughty Grammer Beats) #Review #Single #Video @xWilstarx @NaughtyGrammer ‎@ParkStreetPR


Wilstar ‘Suicide Door’ (Prod. by Naughty Grammer Beats) #MP3

Norwich might not be the first place you think of when it comes to UK urban music, but maybe that’s all about to change as one artist is really paving the way for his home city. Let us introduce you to Wilstar, a rapper who came to our attention last year when he collaborated with the extremely talented Nature The Kidd. His style has real cross potential and his bars are as good as his infectious hook-lines. This track is delivered with passion and has such a catchy vibe to it. Yeh like this, and we’re pretty sure you ‘will’ too! Go cop it from iTunes from the link above!!

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Big Dutty Deeze ‘Live Evil’ (Prod. by Dr. G) #Album #Review @BigDuttyDeeze @DrGProductionz @ParkStreetPR


This new album from UK Rapper BIG DUTTY DEEZE is something that shouldn’t be slept on. Eleven tracks deep this features the video singles ‘Bury Um In The Forest’, ‘Pentagram’ and ‘They Say’ as well as some other killer tracks such as banger like ‘Manson’ and ‘I Dont GIve A F**k’.

‘Live Evil’ has a vibe, a sound and feeling. Lyrically exciting and deeply conceptual, The beats from Dr. G are super dope and Deeze’s skills on the mic are incredible. Dope emcee with such a talent to tell it how it is. Big Dutty Deeze is fastly becoming my favourite UK emcee.

Big Dutty Deeze – Live Evil (Produced by Dr. G) Track-list:

01. Manson
02. They Say
03. There Was A Time
04. I Dont GIve A F**k
05. Bury Um In The Forest
06. In My Palm Feat. DJ Alzee
07. Merc The Mic
08. Pentagram
09. Honour Loyalty Respect
10. With This Faith
11. I Grew Up Feat Tommy DMO

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Big Dutty Deeze – Pentagram (Produced by Dr. G) #Video

Big Dutty Deeze ‘Bury Um In The Forest’ (Prod. by Dr. G) #Video

Big Dutty Deeze – They Say (Prod. by Dr. G) #Video

Words: Josh Powell

Encore ft. SonReal – NightLigh (Prod. By SuperStar O) #Review

Encore Feat. SonReal [Prod. By SuperStar O]

The song Encore, featuring SonReal is the last release off of Frak’s mixtape titled “NightLight”. Produced by SuperStar O, and engineered by none other than the talented SLY. The song has a blunt yet powerful message that carries relevance and ultimately describes Frak’s Commitment, dedication, and perseverance towards his career.

The young musician from Vancouver joins forces with this year’s Juno nominated artist to bring their fans a glimpse into their lives, while reassuring them that the impossible is truly possible. No matter how young or old, new or experienced a musician is; their goals are ultimately the same. To some day experience the feeling of euphoria that comes along with being called back on stage by hundreds if not thousands of people to perform an Encore.

Even though our dreams may seem farfetched, from time to time; Frak and SonReal simply want us to ask ourselves “how far are you willing to go in order to make our dreams reality”

Review by Josh Powell

K*Ners Feat. Genesis Elijah – Bringing It #Single #Review @K_Ners @GenesisElijah @ParkStreetPR

K*Ners new single featuring Genesis Elijah is something has been blowing up the UK scene ever since the video dropped a couple of weeks back that we posted. I am looking forward to the new project so much, especially if this is the standard he is going to keep up. Banging beats with clever wordplay and infectious hooks, there is no doubt this Bristol emcee is ‘bringing it’.

The video takes it back to the essence of what Hip-Hop s all about and of course a Hip-Hop video shot in K*Ners hometown of Bristol has to include graffiti! K*Ners is so much more than just your normal ‘run of the mill’ UK rapper, he has style, knowledge, experience and an a rising fan base.

Review by Josh Powell

K*Ners Feat. Genesis Elijah – Bringing It #Audio

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