Maino – Love My Niggas Feat. Vado & Uncle Murda


Werd – Alien [PE.2] #EP Salt n Sauce #Video @WerdSOS @ParkStreetPR


It’s been three years since Werd released his debut album Untitled Scot. However this year on he returns with another solo effort. Featuring production collaborations with various talented people throughout Scotland, the album is both varied in sound and concepts. The 13 track LP is released on both digital and limited edition digipack format via his own self-run publishing S.O.S. based in Edinburgh.

Vaguely following on from the conceptual mixtape Patient Empowerment, Werd speaks from a confused and secluded place in his own mind. His brain cells, or mental cell, depending on listener’s interpretation. Having been left alone and ‘alienated’ from both the world and hip-hop scene, we are given an honest and often critical opinion of the human race and music industry. This is no longer about local hip-hop, pushing the music or gaining exposure. Werd’s new release is a wild mix of emotion based on frustration with our current system of life on a global scale.

Featuring production from: Bigg Taj, Righteous Fist, Konchis, Madman Speakz, Dixie, C. Boyd, Sea-Bass, Tam O’Shatner, Lorne MacDougall, Big Shamu, Loonatic Beats & Dale A Thomson. Album contains no additional vocal features.

Werd (SOS) – Salt n Sauce (Prod. by Big Shamu) #Video

Werd – Alien [PE.2] #Tracklist
01 – Surface Earth (Prod. by Righteous Fist)
02 – HeL(P) (Prod. by Madman Speakz)
03 – No Bag-Pack Rap (Prod. by Dixie)
04 – Churched In The System (Prod. by Konchis)
05 – Inner Caves (Prod. by C. Boyd)
06 – Human Form (Transform) (Prod. by Sea Bass)
07 – Spoon Fed With Plastic Sporks (Prod. by Tam O’Shatner)
08 – Escape The Dying Planet (Prod. by Bigg Taj)
09 – 8-Bit Bagpipes (Prod. by Lorne MacDougall)
10 – Salt n Sauce (Prod. by Big Shamu)
11 – Hands Up Dance Fux (Prod. by Righteous Fist)
12 – Barry Shite (Prod. by Loonatic Beats)
13 – Leave This Behind (So Long) (Prod. by Dale A Thomson)


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Simplicity – The Midnight Hits (Midnight Music) #Album @PunchFunkLove90 @BoundByMusicCEO

‘Quality music for real heads’
‘Good rhymes with solid production’
‘Impossible to listen to just once’

For those of you who don’t know, let us introduce you to Simplicity and Midnight Music, an artist and a record label consistently releasing quality Hip-Hop music. Originally hailing from the East Coast of America but now residing in the UK, this rapper, producer and label CEO really does have the skills to take things to the next level.

With over nine albums released digitally, there is no shortage of catalogue to get your teeth stuck into. We’re hitting you off with his latest release; a sixteen track album entitled ‘The Midnight Hits’. Produced by Simplicity and featuring guests such as Kasady, Mista-E, CrusherVII, Chappa The Micologist and King Ras, this is an insight into the musicality of both artist and label. Midnight Music is a powerhouse ready to explode, so if you like dope beats and original Hip-Hop music then hit the links below NOW!

Simplicity – The Midnight Hits (Track-list):
01 – (SHould Have) PACKeD UP Feat. Kasady
02 – Our Time Feat. Mista-E
03 – UH OH Spaghettio Feat. CrusherVII
04 – We Aint Holding Back Feat. Chappa The Micologist
05 – This is For…
06 – Summer Nights
07 – Legends Feat. King Ras
08 – Beat Program
09 – Embrace Everything
10 – Political Roots
11 – Stringing Out
12 – Hard Kung Fu Transformer Business
13 – My Simplicity
14 – I Am (Danny Dex Send Off)
15 – Shadows
16 – Fragile (Tech Nine Instrumental Remake)


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Seven Spherez – Seven Spherez @DrGProductionz @HRMIGGO @ParkStreetPR



Seven Spherez – Illusions (Produced By Dr G) #Video

Seven Spherez – 7 Heavens (Produced By Dr G) #Video

Seven Spherez – Number 7 (Produced By Dr G) #Video

Seven Spherez – Seven Spherez (Track-list):

01. Intro
02. 7 Heavenz
03. Eye On Me (feat. DJ Tray)
04. The Pathway (Interlude)
05. Final Hour
06. Illusions
07. Revelations (Interlude)
08. Number 7
09. Seven Swordz (feat. DJ Tray)
10. Apocalyptica (feat. Chris Rivers, DJ Hwr & Cambatta)
11. The Lost Key (Interlude)
12. 8th Principle (feat. Hell Razah & Resolute)
13. Why
14. Kybalion (Interlude)
15. 7th Level (feat. Hell Razah & Moon Crickets)
16. Intangible (feat. DJ Tray)
17. We Lost
18. In Per Morbus
19. 7 Dayz (Bonus Track)

Philthy Phil ‘Philthy Philosophy – Call Me Back, Yeah?’ @Philthy___Phil @DTSRecordsUKHH @ParkStreetPR


‘Top notch’
‘A must for UK Rap fans’
‘Something you need to grab!’

Philthy Phil – Call Me Back, Yeah? (Track-list):
01 – Intro – Nightmares (Prod. by Physiks)
02 – Hocus Pocus (Prod. by 2Late)
03 – April Rain (Prod. by Indecence)
04 – Smooth Tempo (Prod. by IRWIN)
05 – Wierddog (Prod. by Illinformed)
06 – Bouncing Ball Feat. Gonza & Skitzman Taboo (Prod. by Bambu Hands)
07 – Outro (Prod. by Physiks)


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