Pavy, “Rage” | from new album “Middle Class Ignorance”

S.U.H. Entertainment presents the Thomas Price-directed music video for “Rage”, from his most recent album Middle Class Ignorance. Middle Class Ignorance features Capital K, D2G, Ashley Laschelle, Ca$hflow Ellis, Vic Spencer, The Boy Illinois and JDP. “Rage” is the sixth video from the Middle Class Ignorance project (see “Peer Pressure”, “Confusions”, “Put Me In Ya Club”, “Triumphant” and “Nobody Cares”).

DJ Ames Presents International Hustle Unsigned Edition Vol 4

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1. Intro
2. R-Kayne Feat Troublemaker & MIlana Of NUM – Dirty (Get It Low) (Pro By TB Of NUM)
3. Glovez – Im Wasted
4. Double Nines Feat Caesar – I’m Mad
5. The Locksmiths Feat Kyza – Fight Klub (Remix)
6. Pikeboy – Uhh Ohh
7. Street Vets – Ready (Pro By Vybe)
8. Jay Uno – What You Got Going On
9. EL Mariachi – Clips Til The End (Pro By Sev Da Producer
10. Mistah Slick – Hide N Seek (Pro By Snype)
11. Clov – Blue Cup
12. Caesar Feat Chingy & Stefon4U – Dat Body (Remix)
13. Edidion – Birthday (Pro By RaCharm Music)
14. Pikeboy – All Around The World
15. El Mariachi – Everywhere I Go (Remix)
16. Jay Uno – Politics (Pro By Jr Beats)
17. Street Vets – Million Bucks (Pro By La Kato The Jazzman of Extraordinary Muzik)
18. R-Kayne – Ima Crook (Pro By TB Of NUM)
19. Micheal Knight – Cant F Wit Me
20. Nasdaq Ness – Hallucinations
21. Legacy Brock – Trust Issues
22. Jewlybonz – Woo Woo
23. Kd Da Beast – Pourin Up (Pro By King Jah)
24. Outro

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Jailhouse Records Presents Sir Tomz ‘Lockdown’ (Hosted by Tricksta)

Sir Tomz from Jailhose Records releases ‘Lockdown’ inconjunction with UK Runnings.

Drastic Synth Interview

Thanks for passing by Please introduce yourself and tell us about what you have released to date. Where do you live and what is it there? What’s the main Hip-Hop radio show in your city?

I’m from Birmingham the main radio stations probably Hot 92 I can never pick it up when I’m out in my van I end up listening too more commercial stations

When did you start making music and more importantly why did you decide to make music?

I made my first track in 2006 it was terrible hahaha, but it was just natural too make music I used too be around rappers and DJ’s and they always wanted me to rap but I was always more interested in the beats and production side of things

When did you release your first song and what was the response like?

My first release was my mixtape it’s had a good response and some good reviews a lot of web sites have supported it and made it available I appreciate that

How you would you describe your musical style and swagger?

My styles electronic mainly I’m always using different synths I’m influenced a lot by dance and trap so I try merge the two which is the sound that’s out now so my sounds current

Let’s talk about your latest project. Where can we get it, who features and what label is it on?

Deeper Than Rap is an instrumental promo mixtape letting people know I’m about and I’m producing. It’s available to down load and stream on and it’s on Dat Piff and a lot of hip hop sites have showed support.

How long did it take to create and finish?

I worked on the project over a few weeks I just went in with a few formulas and tried too explore rap musically and see where I could take it so it was more an experimental project but it turned out well.

What would you consider to be your biggest track to date?

I wouldn’t even like to say anything about that yet as I’ve worked on a couple exclusive tracks for rappers and I’ve just finished a new mixtape which is going to be a serious one. I like 5 a.m though I don’t think its one of my more melodic tracks but it defiantly got a vibe to it.

Being totally honest, do you still buy music? If so where do you get your CD’s from?

I do buy music last album I brought was Maverick Sabre from HMV. I tend to buy albums late like I didn’t get take care till 4 months after it was released. I know if I listen to music I enjoy when I get producing I’ll end up making tracks in that style I pick up how beats are put together easy. So if I buy it late I tend not to produce like it because I feel the swags old. I try too keep my creativity open like that.

Do you like any other styles of music outside your genre?

I can find inspiration from any genre of music but I always seem to make my most serious tracks after going to a d n b venue it always puts me on a next vibe If I never made rap I’d deffo be on that.

Do you think illegal downloads are killing the music industry or does it help artists to get out there?

It does help for exposure but it is defiantly killing the way revenue is made. It’s hard for artists as we put in a lot of effort time and funds to bring good music to the table and in every job you should get paid so when illegally downloading it affects the industry. I don’t get it if you are enjoying the music an artist is putting out why wouldn’t you support him/her.

Good luck for the future. Anything you want to add before you go?

Thanks bro I got this next mix tape on the way Pain Chords & Funds it’s a serious sound can’t wait for you to hear it. I went in on it so hopefully everyone who rated Deeper than Rap will enjoy the follow up mixtape.

Interview by Josh Powell